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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Something Useless ☆ 無駄な作業

It was such a busy day...phew!!
I couldn't touch my needles or threads the whole day.  And after dinner, didn't have the energy to stitch at all...
So, spent the time  doing something useless until I could bring myself to writing today's journal.
What did I do?!
Yesss!! I think you already guessed it correctly. I changed my blog design numerous times. Seems I can't decide anything in the whole wide world easily!
I wanted to change the background since I saw Loretta's page.
Look up here. See how marvelous her page is!! Not only she stitches well, she designs her blog nicely too.
And I AM a Copy Cat!! So had to copy her...(giggle)!!
So I changed and changed and changed; changed the background, changed the picture, changed the font, then again changed the background and so on...until I was tired. And this is how my blog looks now.

So as I have nothing much to share today, I put some pictures which I was supposed to put during Christmas.
Eh!! quite late for that? Please bear with me.

These were my Christmas give-aways. I made them for my patchwork teacher and other patchwork circle friends. I can't say they were flawless ; because these were kind of impromptu. I designed them in my head while the work was in progress. And Ultimately the finish was quite different than what I initially planned.

And now I have to decide whether I should buy some very very cute embroidery kits or not. I saw them on this new catalog named Needle Craft NEWS of Japanese handicrafts association.
As usual I can't decide, so going to bed...

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