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Friday, May 20, 2011

I Hate Cats (????)

I always thought I hated cats. Whenever I'm asked whether I like cats or not, without hesitations my answer is a big "NO". I am totally a dog person.
Please don't get me wrong. I don't want to hurt anyone's feeling. At home also, I always have this debate over cats or dogs with my mother or my husband who are avid cat lovers.

But these all were until now. See what I found to stitch now...

I bought this piece for Red-work. It has 15 grids. 

And guess what??!! All the grids have kittens.

Aren't they cute? I know, I'd say what about all those blabbering at the beginning. But I can't help it. These kittens are too cute. So I guess I can't say I hate cats

I started it yesterday. It's my first red-work. So I'm not that sure whether I'm working correctly or not.
I'm stitching the kitten with two strings of thread with  outline stitch as it would give a thicker straight look. And I used 1 string of thread for its eyes, nose or the whiskers.

I'm sorry the pictures didn't come well. I can't get a better close-up (thanks to my great camera skill). And the creases can't be ironed until I finish stitching. Ironing might erase the prints. So that means I have to finish it as soon as possible to get a better picture...^-^

Monday, May 16, 2011

Some New last!! Biscornu, Victorian-style Wall Hanging and More...

It's been a while since I told that I would post my finished projects' pictures soon.
And as usual, here is the delay. So before saying anything more, I think it's better to put the pictures.

Here is a close-up...

It's the Victorian-style wall hanging. I love the antique style frame. I think it makes my work look better and gorgeous.

Next comes that cute little pin cushion. It's my first ever Biscornu (Biscournu), so I was excited while I was making this; and even after making this, I'm very very happy and excited. (My husband wonders why??!!

Here is a close-up of that.

Sorry that the pictures did not come well, but the color of the roses are really beautiful. Here the rose which looks blue is not actually blue, it's a nice combination of violet and mauve. And I think the pearl beads in the center make it perfect.
And here is the back part of that...

And as I promised, I would post the step by step how to of this biscornu very soon (??!!!)...

And today's last one is this sweet little puppy.

Isn't he adorable? I soon fell in love with him when I saw him on the rack of the shop.

And that's all for today. And imitating this cute little creature, I'd like to say "I hope to see you soon".