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Monday, April 11, 2011

Embroidery on Eggs 卵刺繍

Today I don't have much to write. So I will start with the picture to show the progress with my embroidery kit I started yesterday.
I forgot to mention the theme of this kit in case you don't know about this. It has a Japanese picture. It's called "Koi-Nobori" meaning a carp streamer or banner. Large cloth or paper carps are flown out of doors in Japan in early summer.  It's typically used to celebrate the traditional  Boys' Festival in May.
I enjoyed it very much. The stitching part is over. I should say it's quite a fast progress for me in one day... :)


And here is one more thing I definitely want to write about today. Only recently, I came across this on different pages on the internet.
It's about embroidery on eggs. Yesss!!!...You heard it correctly!!...EMBROIDERY ON EGGS...on real EGGS...God knows how anyone would do that!!



Here is another link:

I tried to post the pictures here. But thanks to my expertise in technicalities, I couldn't...
So you have to take the trouble of clicking on the above link to check some more pictures. There are 5 pictures; picture no. 55 through 60 are about this embroidery on eggs. But I should say they are just awesome. You definitely have to see them.

And I have a request if you see the pictures. Please let me know if you know how to do them. And if you have invented your own process, it's much better...(^-^)...This is a thing I would definitely like to try or at least would like to know the process...

Looking froward to hearing from you...




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