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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Long Long Time No See...

Hi to all again!

I'm really very embarrassed for not updating this blog for so many days. One of my friends has been asking about this for last two months. I apologize to her.
First, during last Christmas and New Year, I was so busy making things and everything, I didn't have any time even when I thought of my precious blog. Then, (even to my surprise), I completely, totally forgot about the very existence of this blog!! I know, it's totally IMPOSSIBLE....but what should I say...
and then I met my friend who is one of the very rare readers of my blog. And from then she's been asking me to update it for last 2 months, on every Thursday when I meet her.

And now, she is going away from here to Saudi Arabia for 3 years. I am s-o-o-o-o-o sad!! So to keep in touch with her through this blog, I'm updating again...

This is my newest project. It would be a Victorian style wall-hanging. Though I love doing embroideries, I'm very bad at Feather stitch. In picture no. 1, you can see how horrible the stitches are!!...
But I hope when it's finished, the stitches won't look that much horrible...

1 comment:

  1. Hyahho!
    I was able to meet your new blog finally.
    However, the update of your blog is as fast as Shinkansen.
    I can't catch up with the speed.(^.^)
    See you tomorrow.