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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Namste to all!!

Just today, when I was wondering what should be the topic of my blog today, I got a nice surprise.

Today when I went to my workplace (I am a teacher), one of my students gave a very nice gift.
She told me it's actually for new
And as you can well imagine, of course I couldn't wait that long...
So I opened it as soon as I got back home.
Look, what I got...

It's a "Chigiri-E", the Japanese paper art, made by tearing beautiful, colorful shreds of Japanese paper "Washi" by hand and pasting. "E" means picture in Japanese and "Chigiri" means "by tearing".
I like the color combination. I'm sorry it's not coming well in the picture. The color, the theme is just perfect for the new year. By Chinese Calendar, next year is the year of hare or rabbits., and in the picture, you can see them making Japanese rice cakes which in Japan, they usually make during that season.
I am really glad to get this. Thnx to my student, Mrs. Miyoshi.

After getting this, I thought why don't I put some more pictures of this "Chigiri-E" that I made long time ago at a 1-day salon.

I still remember how much I enjoyed that day. There were so many colorful paper. I was a little bit embarrassed as well as everybody around me was quite veteran in making these pictures. Still I managed to make these collage pictures within that day.
I must admit that these didn't come out that great, still as a first try, I like them. And the last one is my original design...^-^

Anyway, enough time spent here. I should now get back to some actual stitching...have to finish that pouch and corsage...
Talk to you again^-^




4番目の写真は私のオリジナルデザイン ^-^

またここで会いましょうね (^o^)

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