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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My First Blog!!

Someone said "Today is the first day of the rest of my life". I decided to start it with my very own blog and share my life with you.  I am new at 'blogging', despite my numerous visits to various blogs in the past. So, if this blog seems very basic or boring, please bear with me and I will try and make it more interesting as I go along.

I like trying new things. I like various kinds of handicrafts. But these days, I specially like embroidery, patchwork and glass art.
I also like to experiment with foods. So here, I will post about what I am trying now. But being a very lazy person, may be I won't be able to post regularly...

Here I should say one more thing about myself. I am originally from India, but after marriage, I live in Japan. So, I will post my articles both in English and Japanese. For people without Japanese fonts in their computer, the Japanese part might appear as some blocks. I really am sorry for that.

Well, if you have survived my first attempt at blogging, then I hope maybe you will come back and visit me again, ok?!  Thanks to  you  all
And now I am off to stitch some more...



でも、私はとてもなまけもので、なかなかブログの更新できないかもしれません。。。 :(


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